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Our Mental Wealth Packages consist of an online course and digital tools that ensure better and lasting results.

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#MentalHealthMatters What Are Your Coping With?

Our packages are  each made for one specific mental health issue. It consists of an online course and digital tools based on known therapies used worldwide.





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#AnxietyIsTemporary The F*ck Fear Package

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#AnxietyIsTemporary The F*ck Fear Package

This packages is made for people coping with anxiety and/or high stress. This 8 week program enables you to get back control over your life and reduce your anxiety significantly within 30 days of use. 

#GuaranteedSuccess Benefits Of Our Packages

No temporary results here. We support you in reaching lasting results with our smart digital tools that are included in every package.

Reduce Mental Health Conditions

Each Package is made for a specific mental health condition. The tools are also custom made for that condition which enable lasting results.

Based On Proven Therapies

We design our courses and tools based on known therapies like Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT), and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Put Theory To Practice

Its not just a course, that’s why we call it a package. Our tools are developed with a specific purpose and integrate fully with the associated course.  

Made For Specific Needs

We create our Mental Wealth Packages for one specific goal: Reducing the impact of that specific condition. Focus creates better results.

#FAQ A few frequently asked questions

We love to make things easy, you can find our most asked questions here.

Every package is made for one specific mental health issue, like anxiety or ADHD. Each package contains an online course where you will learn all the needed skills to reduce, or even resolve, mental health issues. Also included in each package are one or more digital tools that enable you to put theory to practice.

The course explains everything you need to know about reducing  the impact of your mental health condition. By taking the quizzes you will get insights in the habits that enable your mental health condition to flourish. The tools will support you by changing your habits to more healthy habits that enable you to get back control over your own mind. 

No, we don't offer therapy. All of our packages are made by people who cope with that mental health issue, in collaboration with psychologists. Our packages are based on known therapies like Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).  The goal of a package is not to solve the condition, it is meant to lower the impact by changing negative behaviors.

Yes, not everyone is looking for a diagnosis or getting that label attached to them. Everyone is welcome to use our products to improve their mental health. 

We can relate and we don't want money to be the thing holding you back from improving your mental health. Each year we provide five hundred packages for free. Read more  about applying for the IM scholarship program here

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for each package. We do ask you to contact us before returning your package so we can check why the package did not work for you.

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